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Cesar Campo

Key Largo - Labor Day weekend 2014

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15ft/5m stop


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 Deep dive  Drift


The wrecks on this trip were the Eagle (110' to the bottom).

The seas were 2' - 4' the whole time with some 5' and 6' waves. This dive trip resulted in a missing diver search and rescue. Two dive instructors conducted a 10 minute search of the wreck. The diver wasn't in the wreck. A coast guard boat was quick to respond to the missing diver call. Shortly after a fixed wing FWC plane joined the search. A little while later two sheriff boats joined the search. After about an hour the diver was found a long ways away from the boat. The FWC plane spotted him and the coast guard picked him up.

Lloyd created a video of he dive

The Eagle had some current, which you don't see in the video.

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Cesar Campo